Burning the Midnight Oil?


BirchTree Development exists to serve entrepreneurs who are looking for a trustworthy partner they can call on in a pinch for an a la carte project, grassroots marketing solutions, or a long-term business development partner. Let us help you come up for air . . . or take a nap, we know you probably need one!


More often than not, small business owners keep all hours of the day and night to realize their vision. Like the strong, water-resistant bark of the birch tree, entrepreneurs must be resilient and flexible to the often-unpredictable conditions that a small business weathers. A local entrepreneur once shared that she was so busy she didn’t even know what she needed help with. This is a common sentiment among entrepreneurs. To that end, we¹d like to invest a bit of our time getting to know you, your business and your brand, brainstorming and offering some ideas and insights into how BirchTree Development can support your short and long term goals.