“Carrie was instrumental in developing key relationships that led to doubling our company’s size. We knew we could trust her to represent the Bean Sprouts brand as if it were her own!”

Shannon “Peacasso” Seip
Co-founderBean Sprouts

“Much of the original creation and development of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network program was achieved by Carrie, from offering an institution-wide conference to establishment and launch of a technology incubator (, and the launch of two entrepreneurship courses taught by me at the Tuck School of Business. In the normal course of academic affairs, this would be the work of a moderately sized office, but as there were only the two of us, we just did it. I don’t believe anyone could have done a better job than Carrie, or with a more pleasing and accommodating personality that left everyone happy with encounters with her—and in an academic environment that can be a high bar to get over. “

Gregg Fairbrothers
Founding Director, Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network
Consultant, Fairborther Enterprise Development

“Carrie is a unique and capable businesswoman. She is professional, creative and full of great ideas, she has a great work ethic, plus her resume exhibits a wide range of skills. I consider her both a “right brain” and a “left brain” person. She is organized, and thus able to achieve great results in a timely fashion. At the same time, she brings unique insights and ‘thinking out of the box’ concepts to the table. I recommend Carrie as a resource to any entrepreneur who is looking for a grounded, intelligent, energetic person to propel them to success.”

Marit Sathrum
Director and OwnerInner Fire Yoga

I have owned a small business in Denver for nearly 10 years, Washington Park Chiropractic. During the early stages of growth, Carrie was integral in marketing, strategic planning, time management and budgeting for our business. She helped me grow from one-woman start-up to a competitive health care business that now employs 7 people. She was integral in the transition from one-room office to 6-room office 5 years ago. Carrie is intelligent and brings creativity to every project. She takes the most direct path and approaches every task efficiently. I highly recommend her for business of any size, her scope is broad and talents applicable to many categories.

Dr. Lisa Goodman, DC, CCSP, CACCP
Founder, Washington Park Chiropractic